Ron Strieker, PH.D.


Ron is the Principal of TheStriekerGroup, a talent management firm, and has worked internally and externally in executive development capacities for over 30 years.  He is a seasoned professional who has directed human resources as well as talent management and executive coaching practices domestically and internationally.  Ron was the Managing Partner for CMI, International, Director of Executive Development for Travelers Insurance, a member of Citigroup and earlier the Chief Human Resources Officer for a large health system in upstate New York.

Since 1982, Ron has acted as a senior member of the executive team as the human resources officer, internal and external consultant, executive coach and educator for both private and public sectors.  He has worked throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, India, Brazil and Japan and has traveled extensively throughout the world.

Recent accomplishments include:

  • Provided executive coaching for a CEO of a health system and his executive team focusing
  • on their personal effectiveness and the capacity to work cohesively together to improve the ROI of the organization.
  • Designed and delivered a talent management strategy for the CEO and his team to provide leadership development for the team and the high potentials throughout the organization.
  • Designed and delivered an organizational development and succession planning process for the CEO, his team, their direct staff and high-potentials domestically and internationally.
  • Coached the President and his successor for a large food distribution firm in developing effective operational and team building strategies for the entire mid-west region.
  • Coached a CEO through a rigorous process to successfully become the new Chairman of a globally diversified manufacturing and food supply company.
  • Coached CEO of a major retailer who needed to establish a balance in his personal and work life, design a way to receive unfiltered information from the organization to assist in making quality decisions and develop his senior team to free him up strategically.
  • Ron has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Southern Illinois University and has worked primarily in the financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, IT, manufacturing and education industries.  He is presently an adjunct faculty for Kennesaw State University and on the Board of the Executive MB
  • A program in the Coles School of Business.  Ron presently sits on three boards.

A Broad Base of Experience With Clients Includes:

Citigroup Siemens The Coca Cola Company
The Home Depot Exide J.M. Huber
Panasonic Waste Management Sara Lee
Hanover Insurance Wachovia Deloitte
SuperValu Kennesaw State University Southern Regional Medical
Given Imaging CH2MHill CR Bard
Regency Centers, Inc Nationwide Insurance Dell Corporation
Sciele Pharmaceutical CARE State of Georgia
Elesys Caraustar ING



Developing senior management leadership:  Client was a large healthcare organization that needed leadership development at the senior team level.  Ron conducted a personal assessment and individual coaching for the CEO and his team that brought into focus their personal leadership strengths and areas for development.  He established a “common language” with the senior team that increased their capacity to work more productively together.  They are now using this strategy to increase their team effectiveness and have driven this process down to the director and managerial levels.  It is now having an overall organizational effect.

Coaching a CEO who lost his focus:  Client was a manufacturing firm whose CEO had lost his desire to continue leading the organization.  Ron provided individual coaching over a period of nine months primarily focusing on the CEO’s beliefs and motivations to continue to lead in this business context.  The assessments and discussions focused on looking in-depth at his personal beliefs and leadership skills to once again establish a sense of purpose for him.   After a number of sessions, the CEO regained his motivation to get re-engaged and led the organization’s entry into China with great success.

Coaching a high potential for overseas assignment:  Client was a manufacturing firm headquartered in the US that needed to establish a manufacturing presence in China and have someone lead that effort.  Ron was asked to coach a high potential executive from Denmark who was charged with selecting a plant site and putting the local Chinese team in place.  Even though the executive was still young, he had gained a great deal of experience working in diverse settings and had a strong financial and systems background.  Ron accentuated these skills through a coaching process and assisted the executive in two key areas:  communication and personnel selection.  The coaching sessions provided the executive with a means of clarifying his strategy as well as implementing practical solutions on the ground in China.  The plant is now running with a Chinese manager who is being coached by this young executive.

A service organization needed leadership development:  Client was a large insurance company that needed targeted skill development for its senior managers.  This type of effort had never been conducted in the organization previously.  Ron directed the process of off-site selection and coordination, selection of the facilitators, delivery of content which included an in-basket simulation and 360° feedback and skill building in accountability, communication, directing others, performance management, conflict management and selection.  This development was conducted over a three year period and provided this key group with the necessary skills to manage and lead effectively.

Building a talent management culture:  Client was a commercial real estate organization which required a strategy and plan for talent management as it grew from an entrepreneurial operation to a large nationwide enterprise.  Ron designed a two-day strategic off-site for the senior management team that included a personal assessment process, a golf simulation that focused on decision-making and leadership and a series of modules focused on key competencies.  This off-site set the stage for a cohesive talent management strategy for the organization and the tools for the senior managers to lead throughout the organization.

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