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Executive Coaching is a process for learning that is conducted with a business leader and an external coach with the express intent of creating awareness, choice and behavioral change for the leader. At TheStriekerGroup, we follow a specific coaching process for change. The following illustrates some of the key elements of this process. A typical coaching engagement is 6-9 months and can be extended when needed.

1. Contracting and Goal Setting

  • Consider coaching as an important part of purposeful and proactive executive development
  • Determine the scope and strategic purpose of the coaching process
  • Agree on goals, expectations and time frames
  • Review the desired skills, competencies and behaviors for the organization
  • Establish parameters of working relationships between consultant and client(s)

2. Assessment and Feedback

  • Understand the organization (i.e. mission, goals, strategy, key success factors, culture, challenges and opportunities)
  • Assess performance and skill level against the critical competencies required for business success
  • Obtain multi-level feedback from surveys, testing battery and/or interviews
  • Increase the individual’s self-awareness as the foundation for development planning
  • Analyze and interpret the feedback with the help of an objective third party

3. Developmental Action Planning

  • Establish realistic and actionable goals tied to business objectives
  • Identify specific tactics and behavioral changes needed to achieve goals
  • Share the plan with others to ensure support and feedback

4. Implementation and Coaching

  • Conduct regularly scheduled meetings with the coach to provide ongoing support, ideas and feedback
  • Adopt new strategies and refine on-the-job learning opportunities
  • Monitor progress and get feedback from others in the organization

5. Evaluation and Follow-up

  • Review performance against goals of the action plan
  • Debrief and evaluate coaching outcomes with interested parties
  • Identify strategies for continued development and ongoing support

Assessments in coaching are essential and begin the process of awareness for the business leader. At TheStriekerGroup, we follow these guidelines.

Purpose of an Assessment

  • Create a starting point from which to construct a developmental action plan
  • Gather objective feedback and perceptions from multiple sources
  • Understand how strengths and weaknesses may impact ability to attain current and future objectives
  • Identify which competencies and behaviors are the keys to personal and organizational success

What We Measure

  • Individual leadership skills, competencies and behaviors that are critical for success
  • Potential areas of concern that may cause performance problems now or in the future
  • Personal factors that impact performance, i.e.: communications style, cognitive skills, personal values and interests
  • Organizational mission, values, norms and culture

Tools Used in the Assessment Process

  • Interviews with key managers, colleagues and staff members
  • Multi-rater 360-degree survey instruments and feedback analysis
  • Standardized personality, style, interests and behavioral profile instruments

Finally, Developmental Planning is the anchor for learning and provides the possibility for behavioral change. The following is an example of a IDP plan of action.

Establishing Developmental Goals

  • Target areas identified in the assessment and feedback process – strengths and weaknesses
  • Goals should be limited in number and realistic in their objectives and time frame
  • Include goals that will advance job performance improvements and enhance personal career growth
  • Establish goals that are tied to strategic objectives of the organization

Action Planning

  • Identify action learning opportunities that will develop needed skills
  • Prepare to engage in new or different behaviors
  • Incorporate learning into the day-to-day activities of current job function
  • Identify resources and people required to support the plan
  • Establish a capability to gauge progress toward goals

Sample Developmental Action Plan Summary

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